Hello (Again), World!

What in the world do I mean, “Hello Again?” Well, some of you have been following me since I made my initial debut on a social network that preceded Facebook called Yuwie! (where it allegedly paid to socialize…) I was never paid a dime for socializing, but it opened up two important worlds to me: blogging, and then Internet radio.  You see, the one great thing about Yuwie! was that it had its own radio network, and that’s where a conceptual show called “The Praise Party w/Pastor Ced” was born. That particular show introduced the world to me and me to the world, and by the time of Yuwie’s demise, it was the second-longest running show on their network. By that time, I had transitioned on to Ustream.tv, where I kept “The Praise Party” going until 2012, where I put the show on hiatus to assume my current positions at the church where I grew up as assistant pastor and minister of music.

Some of you may remember me from a sports talk show and blog I used to do called “The Sports Kennel”, where alongside my tag-team partner and frat brother “Rude Dog” Rick Hall, we broadcast first locally, and then via Internet, but blogged on Facebook.

Ah, yes, FACEBOOK! This is where most of you know me from, especially if we haven’t met in person… Through FarmVille, FarmVille 2, Poker, Mafia Wars, Candy Crush, and other games ad nauseum, this is where most of you discovered me, and then, you started reading my inspirational posts: some tied in with my radio show, others tied in with past messages I’ve preached and taught, still others reactions to other inspiration writings.

Well, I’m happy to announce that THIS is the NEW home for my writings, musings, and meditations, and it gives me an opportunity to be more consistent and persistent with inspiring you to higher heights in our belief in Christ, but, like my radio show, gives an opportunity for the non-Believer in Christ to ask questions, hold intelligent (non-shouting or accusing) conversation over exactly just who this Jesus is, and just generally lift your spirit up. My hope is that I’ll do what I do and say what I say in such a way to where it makes God the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit look and sound so attractive to you that you want to fall in love with them!

We definitely look forward to having you subscribe to us, join us on our journey, ask your questions, leave your comments (non-offensive ones, Please!), and generally be inspired to do great things! If you like it, recommend it to a friend! Look forward to interacting with you, and until next time, CONTINUE TO BE BLESSED, and continue to be a BLESSING, for the Lord does NOT bless us, except He intends for us to be a Blessing to someone else! I’m OUT!

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